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Beauty ,

is best savored ,

with a taste of

the spice of

imperfection ,

to bring out

its full


and enhance

its flavor –

a feast  served

for the senses

to taste ,

smell ,

view ,

touch ,

and hear

its breath –

the pulse

and beating heart of it’s

passion –

beauty  IS beauty

because of it’s

imperfections –

to me there is a beauty in the smell

of my horses sweat on his saddle blanket

that i rest my head upon as a pillow –

there is beauty in a dying rose

like an aged woman who sits alone

at the end of the dance

yet can still smile a bright smile

for her memories

of the dance to come


i would like to add –

one day three years ago i went shopping

and as i walked towards the door to the store

an old lady and her companion helper exited

she must have been in her late 80s

or into her 90s

bent with age

withered , wrinkled ,

barely walking

yet as i approached

she smiled a smile at me that lit up the day

and flashed at me her joy of life

her enjoyment of loves

and lovers-

of life

i shall never forget her smile

the beauty of this woman



rose-0196 copy


people love roses :

when they are at a peak of bloom

a beauty in the garden

of life

but not when the gown of beauty

is wrinkled and worn

petals falling

the perfume fading

the makeup washed away

by time –

to me

beauty is ageless

and love is

when you can still view your other

as when you first

joined with them

without the blemish

of age , of time

and all the wrinkles

etched on our faces

are a roadmap

of our souls

of our journey


in this life

we have traveled

thru together


if i were a Prince

in this life

or next

i would search the ballroom

of faded beauties

to find only you

and slip the glass slippers

on your slender feet

and dance

the last waltz

with only you


can you find  the beauty

in these aged beauties

that time has

turned old ?

aged rose-0254 aged rose-0236 aaged rose-0198 aged rose-0234


it would seem that i have committed myself to writing this story to completion–the Weaver–at first it was a simple story of the fabricating of a slightly erotic Lace for the Woman the Weaver has fallen in love with–but all of a sudden some great charactors appeared  –Lucifer’s Stallion for one –and the Bad Ass Crow–

we shall see —  it shall appear in chapters  —chapter one is close to completion


lucifers stalliom


have dropped into my soul

a small bright emotion

onto the still quiet surface

of the stillwater

that resides deep within me

Forming small ripples

that seem to grow larger


As i learn of this woman

these small ripples

an emotion

sweeping thru my soul

threaten to become a


of passion and desire


Ripples that become waves

waves that crash onto the beaches

that bound my souls  pond

in a majestic display

of raw power of feelings


a small bright emotion

spawning ripples that know no




ripples -2 ripples become waves-1620




may i dress you in


for the World to step back

in Awe

of a Beauty

so rare

the Pulse

of Life

of a new Day

Dawning :

if I could

listen to your


I would encounter

the same Majestic

Pulse of life

a Symphony

a Heartbeat

to awaken to

sunrise-4658 copy


such a novel of chaotic


the language of


of how it can

bring you feelings

that defy description

that carry you to the

the warm side of Heaven

and build fires of


that rival the beauty

of a birth of a rising sun

boot copy

and if by chance

that firery passion

should cool and crumble

to ash

and loves feeling

departs in the cold


following the setting


it can be

as if half of you is torn to follow

in the warmth

of the sun

and half lingers in the memories

of the now cold shadows