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Dragon -0275 finger dragon-0279


the Crow,

the Raven,

often despised ,


extremely smart

one of my favorite subjects

these images from many years ago

all photographs or from photos

enjoyI am Crow copy bright sky--0-bright crow copy crow in flight in mist copy thataway copy bowing crow 2 copy Poecrow-the Storyteller copy


elements of Life ,

so often at rest,


pleasant ,warm ,soothing

and then , like the elements

of a intense relationship ,

clashing , crashing , powerful

expression of two

different elements

butting emotions

a great display under the Big Top ,

not a simple sideshow tent

and a grasping reach

for Heaven

from both

and serenity sets

misty coast-4371 copy CRB wave-3568 copy G wave-6892-A copy point-8742 copy CRB wave-7065 copy piggyback break-3522 copy on the rocks -2362 copy reaching for Heaven-1268 copy California Goldon the days glory

white bird

in a dress of snow white


dancing in flight

elegance in standingegret-5482 copy egret-7161 copy lunch-5440 copy egret-8932 copy Lady in White by the Lake-8907 copy egret-8159 copy standing egret-8152 copy

i like to photograph trees – such a wide variety of shapes and smells and looks – yet all their roots are tied into the earth – and i feel at rest walking thru a wooded area where they live and perish from age as they are meant to be-plus i can take a tree into Photoshop and come out with a graphic creation that can be pleasing or evoke thought

enjoytree after dark tree-McFarland-8999 copy McFarland trees-8926 copy Galt Oak-8897 copy persimmons-McFarland-8991 copy winter tree dance tumor-1 copy

huimmer-9362 copy hummer -9318 copy hummer delights-9323 copy hummer-9326 copy hummer-9350 copy