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just a small selection of images of the horse

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these are 2 photos of Jake and I from Ram Tap Combined Driving Event – a 3 day event similar to eventing only performed with a cart / carriage and horse – photos taken by my youngest son Mica – Jake was a rare Friesian in that it took 3 years for me to condition him and he was one of the best of his breed  – Friesians do not do well in the heat and at the marathon stage of the CDE – Jake was also one of the few Friesians to do well at dressage – in three years he went from training level to level 4 in dressage and won over 32 blue ribbons – plus 3 Championships at different  level at Pebble beach – 4 – or 6 – seconds – 1 third – and 1 fourth – the only reason he was not recognized nationally is because i registered him as Jake instead of under his real name of Herwig fan Synaeda with the USDF – i registered him at 3 in the morning and spaced—his scores were only once below 60%—a 59 % at level 4 and were above 70% a few times–his final competition in dressage he scored a 68+% at level 4–now they are breeding all these Sport Horses among the Friesians to bring their level up to compete  – yet Jake is small – only 15-2 hands—and of the old style  Friesian – the only reason Jake and i did not compete more and go to Championship shows which he was entitled to is because i am disabled and did not have the money – Jake saved my life after i had cancer because he gave me the will to live—he is also the inspiration for my photography – The Black Waltz – Jake can dance – Jake has manners and a sense of humor far beyond that of most horses and many people