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just a small selection of images of the horse

proud copy sidesaddle-4973 copy ?-gallop-7913 copy the rub-7452 copy arabian-1513 copy 8am halt copy Henry Boyd -3288 copy PBDS-1975 copy stallion-2 copy Maddie-Onyx-3979 copy Rasta-8232 copy


self portrait -2-9961

people will judge your outlook in life

by your perception of your glass

is it half full ?

or half empty ?

i have a thirst for life

so will simply

savor the taste –

the flavor

of what i drink

i hunger to see

different images

in anything

such as Thunder Thighs

or the beauty of a rose

without colour

basic thunder thighs-9965 B&W rose -6718

life is not –

to me –

what is in your glass

wether half empty

or half full

but rather

what you fill it with

what you taste

wether it be an mirage of a horse

or the tracks in the desert sand

that will vanish

with the slight stirring

of the wind

arabian-1486 tracks-2

what boots

will i walk in today ?

will i leave tracks

that anyone will follow ?

will anyone thirst

for what i have seen ?

boot copy


Shakespeare ,

to my way of feeling,

had it wrong-

it should not be written as –

” a horse- a horse-my kingdom for a horse ”

but rather

“MY Kingdom IS my Horse !”

Jake and I -4928 copy

Dragon -0275 finger dragon-0279

horses are my favorite subjects to photograph  –  i started with crows and skulls and progressed to horses –   and they still leave a wonder and fantasy of life in my soul – an excitement of freedom – the wind racing across a dream

these are some of my lesser seen images and some seen a lot – please visit the link to my photo contest entries to see some other equine images   –it is in the prior 2 posts

i will return soon with writing and more images- some western shows coming up—enjoy

Friesian head Ranch Roundup-4237 copy steer clinic-7633 copy Friesian mare-8145 copy steer clinic-3433 intent-1 copy Zelvius-9688 copy just tangled Jake

if you drank

the wind

would you be able to stay at rest ?

Horses drink the Wind,


i like to capture them in motion

the feeling of the Wind

instead of frozen in time


abstract-3 copy draft-6511 copy Ranch Horse Classic-motion-5198 more slo mo Jake copy NVHRA-motion-3237 copy power in harness copy King's_horses_3 copy

for most of Life

it is a lesson in


some Life has it easy

“a piece of cake”

other Life must struggle,

“let them eat cake !”

a tree

whom has set down its roots

in a stream bed

can drink well of its


but must also struggle, fight,


for its life

against the very elements

that give it life

a gladiator in a hostile arena

grown strong and distorted

in Life

these images are of Sycamore tree roots in a stream bed – they remind me of wrestlers , dragons , demons, gladiators , all struggling with the elements, and themselves, that also keep them alive , struggling for the one true prize – the ” piece of cake”- Life

tree roots-2-2136 copy tree roots-2-2138 copy tree roots-2-2158 copy

elements of Life ,

so often at rest,


pleasant ,warm ,soothing

and then , like the elements

of a intense relationship ,

clashing , crashing , powerful

expression of two

different elements

butting emotions

a great display under the Big Top ,

not a simple sideshow tent

and a grasping reach

for Heaven

from both

and serenity sets

misty coast-4371 copy CRB wave-3568 copy G wave-6892-A copy point-8742 copy CRB wave-7065 copy piggyback break-3522 copy on the rocks -2362 copy reaching for Heaven-1268 copy California Goldon the days glory