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self portrait -2-9961

people will judge your outlook in life

by your perception of your glass

is it half full ?

or half empty ?

i have a thirst for life

so will simply

savor the taste –

the flavor

of what i drink

i hunger to see

different images

in anything

such as Thunder Thighs

or the beauty of a rose

without colour

basic thunder thighs-9965 B&W rose -6718

life is not –

to me –

what is in your glass

wether half empty

or half full

but rather

what you fill it with

what you taste

wether it be an mirage of a horse

or the tracks in the desert sand

that will vanish

with the slight stirring

of the wind

arabian-1486 tracks-2

what boots

will i walk in today ?

will i leave tracks

that anyone will follow ?

will anyone thirst

for what i have seen ?

boot copy


Shakespeare ,

to my way of feeling,

had it wrong-

it should not be written as –

” a horse- a horse-my kingdom for a horse ”

but rather

“MY Kingdom IS my Horse !”

Jake and I -4928 copy


Dragon -0275 finger dragon-0279


in our lives we have many doors

that we can choose to open

or just pass by

leaving the adventure

of a closed door


it is an adventure

because when you open the door

and step thru

what if it is not what you expected

on the other side –

what if you fall down the rabbit hole

and end up in

Wonderland ?


i open the door and step into the dim interior of

The Desperate Clutch –

the team follows me with the trophy

Beach Volleyball Champions 1997 !    We had won it for the third year running !   A bunch of old farts who still could dominate the sand court in a dominating manner while drinking vast quantities of beer  and playing six man volleyball- a six person team  composed of old beach ball players and young waitresses from the Desperate Clutch – My bar of my creation –

and it did not exist

The Desperate Clutch – the Oldest Non-Existant Bar in Existence  – created  by myself to sponsor  a team of aged beach volleyball players so as to compete in the Carmel Beach Bar Volleyball League  – and even tho it did not exist – it was the most Famous Non-Existant Bar in Existence

we even sold condoms in the bathrooms

i say this because after i and the team had entered the bar and ordered “drinks on the house ! ” the condom salesman sat down next to me at my table and proceeded to sell me some new models of sexual safety for the non – existent patrons –

“and here we have the  New John Wayne Model- it features – when applied to your johnson- spinning around in Red , White , and Blue  like a barber pole while playing the Star Spangled Banner !- gets the girls to patriotic orgasms while getting ridden by the old cowboy – it lights up brightly enough to find your way in the dark to the bathroom in a strange house ! – batteries included ! ”

“Then we offer up the  1812 Overture Model !  -WOW –  Is this exciting !   while you bang away in your passion it plays the music  – in stereo – and at the climax of your sexual foray- with cymbols  crashing and drums thundering- cannons DO blast off ! enhancing your orgasm and turning your ladies legs to jello for hours afterwards  in her enjoyment  ! ”

“and then we have the Incoming Enterprises Model – powered by a small ICBM for maximum thrust -it features a small nuclear explosion at the moment of Rain and Clouds to light you BOTH up ! ”

“and then -”   at this point i excused myself to go take a leak and left the celebration of the “team ” behind as i stepped away from the table and opened the door to the bathroom and stepped into  ? –


ten billion light years from Earth – a small private spaceship floating thru a star studded landscape of emptiness -i was alone and just sitting down to tea  – when suddenly ! –  Tok ! Tok !- a knock on the airlock door !

i got up and went to the airlock door and turned on the light – floating outside was a scruffy looking guy in an aged spacesuit  with a doggy suit in tow- the doggy suit had tail wagging  and so must have propelled them to my craft – i let them into the airlock and then into my craft

“Hallooo ?   i am hitchhiking my way thru space and wonder if i can get a ride for a  billion light years  or so – and i will gladly trade you bird calls for my ride – or i can also do a great imitation of a shoelace -”

i waved my hitchhiking guest  to a seat at my table  and offered him a cup of tea -the dog turned out to be a stuffed replica used for propelling a host vehicle thru space and so did not need attention

“never mind – i am at the moment watching as a star collapses and creates a Black Hole – better than watching the presidential speech by RayGun from Earth”

“ah ! perhaps you would like one of these  ?-”   and offered up a ancient John Wayne Condom- ” for the black hole ? ”

“no thanks – i will be right back-”   and i propelled myself to the bathroom door  where i opened it and –

stepped into – ?


where have i stepped now ?


another adventure ?   life is an adventure –

hello !   i am back     i have been tied up with entering a photo contest and trying to get support for my photography

i will post a link that i hope who all that follow my work will visit and vote that you like my photos    –on my entry you will see a good variety of my work    and i will toss out a feww images real quick this morning    –odd stuff   –but at least a little visual candy


the link to my photo entry is     —


please pass this link around B&W rose -6718 basic thunder thighs-9965 self portrait -2-9961

it would seem that i have committed myself to writing this story to completion–the Weaver–at first it was a simple story of the fabricating of a slightly erotic Lace for the Woman the Weaver has fallen in love with–but all of a sudden some great charactors appeared  –Lucifer’s Stallion for one –and the Bad Ass Crow–

we shall see —  it shall appear in chapters  —chapter one is close to completion


lucifers stalliom

if i could but

bathe in your sweet scent

and drink of the tears

of your sweet lips

and wrap myself

in your warmth

as you awaken in the mornings

i would have to wonder

if i were not yet in Heaven

instead of in this mortal body

for most of Life

it is a lesson in


some Life has it easy

“a piece of cake”

other Life must struggle,

“let them eat cake !”

a tree

whom has set down its roots

in a stream bed

can drink well of its


but must also struggle, fight,


for its life

against the very elements

that give it life

a gladiator in a hostile arena

grown strong and distorted

in Life

these images are of Sycamore tree roots in a stream bed – they remind me of wrestlers , dragons , demons, gladiators , all struggling with the elements, and themselves, that also keep them alive , struggling for the one true prize – the ” piece of cake”- Life

tree roots-2-2136 copy tree roots-2-2138 copy tree roots-2-2158 copy