it is my great pleasure

to hear

a taste of a

Whisper of you

a taste is more exciting

than a banquet

of all your charms

the scent

between your breasts

the perfume of your neck

because imagination from a simple taste

of you –  a woman

is a meal savored

in its fullness

flavored by your soul

and leaves me

Hungry for more

an appetite

for the scent

of your womaness

a taste Kings desire

but rarely are ever

to dine on :

Kings take what they desire

and gorge themselves

without tasting :

but what is best freely given


a man and a woman

the private conversation

between souls

a taste of the


of life

i am a simple man – past my prime as to creativity- i wasted so much time –

tick tock    – it does not stop – tick tock

i threw away my watch as time does not measure itself as we like

seconds ?   hours ?   days ?   years  ?

time measures by its own passing

and only a child

on a rainy day

staring out at that moment of rain

can make that moment

last forever

Beauty ,

is best savored ,

with a taste of

the spice of

imperfection ,

to bring out

its full


and enhance

its flavor –

a feast  served

for the senses

to taste ,

smell ,

view ,

touch ,

and hear

its breath –

the pulse

and beating heart of it’s

passion –

beauty  IS beauty

because of it’s

imperfections –

to me there is a beauty in the smell

of my horses sweat on his saddle blanket

that i rest my head upon as a pillow –

there is beauty in a dying rose

like an aged woman who sits alone

at the end of the dance

yet can still smile a bright smile

for her memories

of the dance to come


i would like to add –

one day three years ago i went shopping

and as i walked towards the door to the store

an old lady and her companion helper exited

she must have been in her late 80s

or into her 90s

bent with age

withered , wrinkled ,

barely walking

yet as i approached

she smiled a smile at me that lit up the day

and flashed at me her joy of life

her enjoyment of loves

and lovers-

of life

i shall never forget her smile

the beauty of this woman


the Ranch Horse – a working member of a team of horse and human in daily ranch life – the tasks the team must perform are varied and sometimes dangerous – roping , cutting , herding ,dealing with hazards and obstacles  on the trail ,

and sometimes there are events that allow the horse and rider to show off their abilities at reining , cutting , roping , and trail hazards

these images that follow are from the Ranch Horse Versatility Show in Carmel Valley California    it is quite hard to capture a horse , rider  ,  steer , and   rope   in a good and pleasing manner for most people  – it is very difficult to perform all these tasks


RHV-9668 RHV-8018 RHV-9688 Cathe-Hook-RHV-8176 RHV-winner-8831 copy RHV-8919 RHV-9029 RHV-tagged-9124 RHV-9078 RHV-8928 RHV-9165 Kelli-RHV-9407 RHV-9249

just a small selection of images of the horse

proud copy sidesaddle-4973 copy ?-gallop-7913 copy the rub-7452 copy arabian-1513 copy 8am halt copy Henry Boyd -3288 copy PBDS-1975 copy stallion-2 copy Maddie-Onyx-3979 copy Rasta-8232 copy

self portrait -2-9961

people will judge your outlook in life

by your perception of your glass

is it half full ?

or half empty ?

i have a thirst for life

so will simply

savor the taste –

the flavor

of what i drink

i hunger to see

different images

in anything

such as Thunder Thighs

or the beauty of a rose

without colour

basic thunder thighs-9965 B&W rose -6718

life is not –

to me –

what is in your glass

wether half empty

or half full

but rather

what you fill it with

what you taste

wether it be an mirage of a horse

or the tracks in the desert sand

that will vanish

with the slight stirring

of the wind

arabian-1486 tracks-2

what boots

will i walk in today ?

will i leave tracks

that anyone will follow ?

will anyone thirst

for what i have seen ?

boot copy


Shakespeare ,

to my way of feeling,

had it wrong-

it should not be written as –

” a horse- a horse-my kingdom for a horse ”

but rather

“MY Kingdom IS my Horse !”

Jake and I -4928 copy

Dragon -0275 finger dragon-0279

rose-0196 copy


people love roses :

when they are at a peak of bloom

a beauty in the garden

of life

but not when the gown of beauty

is wrinkled and worn

petals falling

the perfume fading

the makeup washed away

by time –

to me

beauty is ageless

and love is

when you can still view your other

as when you first

joined with them

without the blemish

of age , of time

and all the wrinkles

etched on our faces

are a roadmap

of our souls

of our journey


in this life

we have traveled

thru together


if i were a Prince

in this life

or next

i would search the ballroom

of faded beauties

to find only you

and slip the glass slippers

on your slender feet

and dance

the last waltz

with only you


can you find  the beauty

in these aged beauties

that time has

turned old ?

aged rose-0254 aged rose-0236 aaged rose-0198 aged rose-0234


a Hero

is one who


up their


so that another’s


may grow


i cannot

shed tears

for myself

as i age



that i can take my place


my Ancestors

in the

Halls of Valhalla

and become an



worthy of being


family of future ancestors


in our lives we have many doors

that we can choose to open

or just pass by

leaving the adventure

of a closed door


it is an adventure

because when you open the door

and step thru

what if it is not what you expected

on the other side –

what if you fall down the rabbit hole

and end up in

Wonderland ?


i open the door and step into the dim interior of

The Desperate Clutch –

the team follows me with the trophy

Beach Volleyball Champions 1997 !    We had won it for the third year running !   A bunch of old farts who still could dominate the sand court in a dominating manner while drinking vast quantities of beer  and playing six man volleyball- a six person team  composed of old beach ball players and young waitresses from the Desperate Clutch – My bar of my creation –

and it did not exist

The Desperate Clutch – the Oldest Non-Existant Bar in Existence  – created  by myself to sponsor  a team of aged beach volleyball players so as to compete in the Carmel Beach Bar Volleyball League  – and even tho it did not exist – it was the most Famous Non-Existant Bar in Existence

we even sold condoms in the bathrooms

i say this because after i and the team had entered the bar and ordered “drinks on the house ! ” the condom salesman sat down next to me at my table and proceeded to sell me some new models of sexual safety for the non – existent patrons –

“and here we have the  New John Wayne Model- it features – when applied to your johnson- spinning around in Red , White , and Blue  like a barber pole while playing the Star Spangled Banner !- gets the girls to patriotic orgasms while getting ridden by the old cowboy – it lights up brightly enough to find your way in the dark to the bathroom in a strange house ! – batteries included ! ”

“Then we offer up the  1812 Overture Model !  -WOW –  Is this exciting !   while you bang away in your passion it plays the music  – in stereo – and at the climax of your sexual foray- with cymbols  crashing and drums thundering- cannons DO blast off ! enhancing your orgasm and turning your ladies legs to jello for hours afterwards  in her enjoyment  ! ”

“and then we have the Incoming Enterprises Model – powered by a small ICBM for maximum thrust -it features a small nuclear explosion at the moment of Rain and Clouds to light you BOTH up ! ”

“and then -”   at this point i excused myself to go take a leak and left the celebration of the “team ” behind as i stepped away from the table and opened the door to the bathroom and stepped into  ? –


ten billion light years from Earth – a small private spaceship floating thru a star studded landscape of emptiness -i was alone and just sitting down to tea  – when suddenly ! –  Tok ! Tok !- a knock on the airlock door !

i got up and went to the airlock door and turned on the light – floating outside was a scruffy looking guy in an aged spacesuit  with a doggy suit in tow- the doggy suit had tail wagging  and so must have propelled them to my craft – i let them into the airlock and then into my craft

“Hallooo ?   i am hitchhiking my way thru space and wonder if i can get a ride for a  billion light years  or so – and i will gladly trade you bird calls for my ride – or i can also do a great imitation of a shoelace -”

i waved my hitchhiking guest  to a seat at my table  and offered him a cup of tea -the dog turned out to be a stuffed replica used for propelling a host vehicle thru space and so did not need attention

“never mind – i am at the moment watching as a star collapses and creates a Black Hole – better than watching the presidential speech by RayGun from Earth”

“ah ! perhaps you would like one of these  ?-”   and offered up a ancient John Wayne Condom- ” for the black hole ? ”

“no thanks – i will be right back-”   and i propelled myself to the bathroom door  where i opened it and –

stepped into – ?


where have i stepped now ?


another adventure ?   life is an adventure –

age – old – ancient – history –

once upon a time –


a pattern of wrinkles etched on our souls ,

far deeper than the wrinkles etched

on our bodies

a roadmap of our journey thru life

that life will discard without a thought



my hair is grey now

my feeling of being immortal

has long since past

stories i could tell,

but will anybody listen ?

to a man with no voice

yet i can sing better than Elvis

or Pavoratti !

when i sing in the shower

but my silent voice

is washed away by the shower waters

down the drain


i was fortunate to live in Japan when the Japanese still held the value of their elders as a treasure -when to be old was not a distraction to the  living   – but rather a teacher of value to be admired and respected  – the Japanese held their elders in respect for a history to learn from – but even now this history is vanishing-


in my country   – aged people are more often shuffled off to a “retirement home” where they are visited once in a while – the wealth of their memories is not listened to much – and will pass into dust as they will soon themselves pass into the ages


are we    who have much to still listen to – who gave the youth their lives – not worthy to listen to ?  are we not worthy of respect for our age , our memories , our mistakes that we can help the youth avoid ?


nostalgia – memories distorted

by our own memories


this is all written out of nostalgia – it started with the memory of my first horseback ride- at a castle in Northern Japan in 1957 by a lake  – i was put on the horse by a man who slapped him on the rump and off i went into a forest of tall trees – but then i was little and the trees and horse were big- thats it  –  no more memory of this

and then my memory of a great TV show   hosted by Richard Boone–it was about how possibly the first horse came to the plains Indians   – horses were reintroduced by the Spanish Conquistadors during the conquest of the Americas- the Indian happened onto a horse- a strange animal clad in saddle and armor standing grazing on the prairie in a sunrise  – it took some telling – but the Indian managed to shed the saddle and other stuff from the horse and got onto its back- he fell off a number of times as the horse ran – and got back on- but then the most exhilerating  thing –   my memory  – the Indian finally staying on the horse as it RAN galloping across the plain in the silence of the end of the day- the Indian with his arms outstretched – on a beast that let him race with the winds that swept the plains  — and FEEL the freedom of the Gods


this morning i took some iPhone photos of roses –

roses have a short life of beauty – of a fragrant smell –

and then fade from memory

yet even in aging

beauty has its beauty

that memory can recall and not let fade


there was once another TV program that i remember – that of two ancient people who had fallen in love with each other and lived  their lifetimes together- they aged – and not gracefully as aging  will do – but they saw each other -not as growing older- but as the beauty of their youthful dream of love – they saw themselves as they were because they did not age in their love for each other – they saw themselves as they were


love is not defined by any one thing – a horse can bring you passion beyond anything you may know -a flower may bring you beauty in its dying moments – these few photos i offer rose-iPhone-3149 aged rose-iPhone-3150 aged rose-iPhone-3151 aged rose-iPhone-3152 rose-iPhone-3154 copy bring a beauty of a dying rose- a beauty of age-